What we do

EasySplicer is truly a grand innovation for building Fiber optic Networks.
It will revolutionary the ease to build such networks and it will cut the costs for the customers which will generate more work for the installers !

Service and calibration

When did You last service and calibrate Your EasySplicer?

Today we can offer You fixed price for:
– Pick-up
– Service/cleaning
– Calibration
– Electrode-exchange
– Return shipping
Please send us an email at info@easysplicer.com and tell us where You live.
We will give You a fixed price for the complete job.

Authorized service partner in north America

Please visit https://grelly.tech/easysplicer-repair for more information.

Fiber Optics

EasySplicer is a tool that is manufactured in Sweden and is used for for optic fiber splicing. It is designed for daily work with fiber optic installations. It´s small and handy to bring along. The construction is very rugged made and even if splicing should take place under good conditions (indoors) it is still designed to be used out in the field.


The design of EasySplicer is a bit different from other fusionsplicers. This makes it very easy to learn how to use and work with it, it takes less than an hour.

Calibration and usage

EasySplicer is fine adjusting itself for environment changes (like; moisture, altitude, Temperature). This can also be done manually, for ex. it should be done when starting the work for the day or when changing fiber types. Calibration is very easily to perform (within seconds) and makes sure that the splicing is made perfect. EasySplicer is using the V-grove method for splicing (same as Ribbon splicers are using) which has made it possible to keep the size small of the unit. It also makes this unit extremely cost effective.

EasySplicer is one of the most inexpensive fiber splicers on the market, yet with a performance of a lot more expensive units.