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SB Scandinavia AB

In 2005/2006 the owners of the company understood that the Digital-TV market would come to an end. Broadband services were being rapidly deployed even if it still mostly was DSL-services at the time. New services like YouTube and Netflix started to offer exciting content of which most were (and still are) for free.

SB Scandinavia believed that making an affordable and easy to handle FusionSplicer was the right way to go for the coming fiber-optic market (FTTH). However, such a product is not easy to develop and the cost to design such, via prototypes to production is very high.

Nevertheless, after a couple of years hard work this unique Fusion Splicer is ready to be launched.

It´s very nicely designed, easy to operate but most of all, one of the most inexpensive Fusion Splicers on the market. We call it the EasySplicer !

Target groups for the EasySplicer are all the newcomers in the business; installers of FTTx/FTTH, electricians (who are getting more and more fiber jobs to do) and TV-installers (merging from Digital-TV to fiber).

Until today these newcomers have not been able to afford the “large and expensive” japanese and korean splicers.

These customers are also a bit afraid of the current type of splicers as they look a bit “unfamiliar” and are quite difficult to operate.

Now, for the first time, there´s an affordable splicer on the market which is easy to use (only three buttons and comes in a nice formfactor (it looks like a digital volt-meter).

SB Scandinavia is targeting the rapid growing market of Broadband (fiber-) installers who need to equip themselves with good working, yet inexpensive tools for doing Fiber-optic installations.

The market for the EasySplicer is global even if some markets are growing faster than others.

The EasySplicer is the first product in a planned range of future tools which will help the installers to build less costly fiber networks.

The EasySplicer was launched in January 2015, starting in Europe. It has been a huge success from the beginning with some markets, of course, stronger than others.

The company is well prepared for this production and ramp up of volumes. SB Scandinavia has its own production setup on the south side of Stockholm where it got a complete FUJI-SMD production line with a possible output of +250pcs splicers per day !!!

Most components are coming from Far East and USA but the complete manufacturing is taking place in Sweden (Made in Sweden).

The EasySplicer will undoubtedly be a product which very soon will be well known by the fiber-installers wherever in the world they might be!

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