How to use

Technical specification

  • Main connection SC APC + 500m Singlemode G652
  • Wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm
  • Dynamic Range 24/22dB, Event Blind Zone 2.5m (0m with launch cable)
  • ATT Blind Zone 8m (0m with launch cable)
  • Test Range: 500m/1km/2km/4km/8km/16km/32km/64km/100km
  • Pulse Width: 3ns/5ns/10ns/20ns/30ns/50ns/80ns/160ns/320ns/
  • Ranging Accuracy ± (1m+Sample interval+0.005% ×Test distance)
  • Linearity ≤0.05dB/dB
  • Sample Points 6k~128k
  • Sample Resolution 0.05m~8m
  • Loss Resolution 0.001dB
  • Loss Threshold 0.20dB
  • Range Resolution 0.001m
  • Refractive Index 1.00000-2.00000
  • Reflection Accuracy ±3dB
  • File Format SOR Standard File Format
  • Loss Analysis 4-point method /5-point method
  • Laser Safety Level Class II
  • Connector SM/APC (Interchangeable SC, LC ST)
  • Refresh Rate 3Hz (Typ.)
  • Launch cable 500m G657 (to avoid event blind zone)
  • Connector SC-APC
  • Adapter cables SC-APC, SC-UPC, LC-APC, LC-UPC
  • Optical Lights Source,
    Wavelength Transmitting 1310nm or 1550nm
    Power -5dBm
  • OPM Optical Power Meter
    Measuring Measuring loss (dB) in the range between 800nm – 1700nm.
  • Range (dB) -70dBm to +10dBm
  • Resolution 0.01dB
  • VFL Visual Fault Locator
    Wavelength 650nm
    Output Power <10mW
  • RJ45 Cable tracker
    Mode Digital tracking, Line pair tracking
    Distance Up to 300m
  • Display 4.3” 800×400 TFT-LCD, Multi color touch display
  • Power   AC/DC adapter;  Input:100V~240V, 50/60Hz.
    Output   5v 2A  
  • Rechargeable battery Lithium battery:3.7V,4000mAh
  • Operational Continuous use for about 12 hours
  • Data storage internal, About 200 memory positions
    More than 20k positions with 8 Gb SD-micro card
  • Data connector USB type-C (for upgrade)
  • Operational temp Between -10 to +50 C
  • Storage temp Between -40 to +70 C
  • Relative humidity 0-95% (non condensing)
  • Weight 0.5kg
  • Size 173 x 109 x 45 mm